Lotusphere comes to Sacramento May 28th 2009


Please email holli_konig@us.ibm.com for registration


Lotusphere Comes to You 2009

Lotusphere Comes to you in San Francisco will be April 16th!

If you were not able to attend the conference in Florida, or if you just want to find out more about what is going on in the last month this is a great experience. LCTY is also fantastic for making face to face connections with the community. Please be sure to register early this year!

If your city is not listed, please note that the local Lotus ITS from the PNW will be working with our partners to bring one closer to you… targeted cities planned, but subject to change are Sacramento, Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City.  Please check with your local ITS and Sales team if you do not see a city near you.

Getting LS09 Files from LotusLive

There seems to be some slight confusion as to where to get the LS09 files from LotusLive.  I do admit there is a little assimulation (my favorite word) that needs to happen with the interface… but once you click it in your brain it seems so logical (though it did take me a few….)

Once logged into LotusLive select FILES – this will take you to a river of conent that has been uploaded.  I did find that CSGDEMO’s file stream – has all of the COLLECTIONS of files (new concept for some… IBM has been using that term internally in Cattail for a while).  All of the collections are categorized in the names of the tracks.  This is actually easier once you know the terms.


Happy Birthday to Erik!!

One of very own was imortilized at the closing Session for Lotusphere 2009.   The poor man could not get from one end of the Dolphin to the other without being stopped and chatted with, photos taken, sung to, even the hotel staff was wishing him happy birthday!  Then later that night at Kimono’s the whole bar sang to him inbetween songs (yes I started it…could not let him get away without it!) at least 10 times with people pointing their arms at him and singing… Erik smiled so hard, I thought his head was going to split in half like the Southpark characters!

Lots of fun Erik…. one I hope you will never forget!



a few days in….

So I have been entrenched with learning, listening, talking, customers, co-workers and old friends. New technologies, old faithful technologies that continue to grow and expand our productivity and amazing discoveries. This being my 10th year at Lotusphere I am invigorated every time I attend. I am tired, happy and filled with excitement.

I have some great announcements coming up soon for the Pacific Northwest Lotus Community and plan to post in a few days on the details regarding events and education for you all…. Lotusphere will not stop here…. keep checking back!

One specific is that we will definitely have Lotusphere Comes to you in our territory, I have been told it will be sometime in April, the specific date to be announced…. but I promise… we have some great stuff coming up before then…. some that will be delivered from the local team, some that we will ask you… the community… to help drive… it is going to be a great year!


The Power of the Lotusphere community

There is a great blog setup to keep you informed of ppl going to Lotusphere as well as other information that you should keep track of… see “My Story” posted there…

I know that it is hard for so many of you to get to Lotusphere this year in light of the economic climate, but there are lots of places that you can wander to keep in the know!  also to feel the power of the community… you can also keep tabs on twitter from doing a search #ls09 that is the universal keyword we are all using for our LS tweets…

Have a good one!

Lotusphere 2009

The Pacific Northwest ITS would like to personally invite you to join us… for the Bus ride trek to the amusement park on Wednesday night. The team that will be there will meet at the Dolphin Fountain as usual @ 6:30. Customer and Lotus Technical team alike and anyone that has found enjoyment in our yearly gathering with our killer team… who knows where we will end up this year.. years past have found us having a great time in a limo, eating at the Waffle House, playing at Pleasure Island…. you never know!!

Also if you are on Twitter you can follow me @ http://twitter.com/hollikonig

Lotusphere 2009 Party
Wednesday, 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Universal Studios Florida®

As a Lotusphere 2009 attendee, you will have exclusive use of Universal Studios, the motion picture and television theme park built with Academy Award-winning producer/director Steven Spielberg as creative consultant. The production begins on the Hollywood Street Set! Enjoy Terminator 2: 3-D™, Shrek 4-D®, and Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast™. Once you make your way to the New York Backlot Street Set, you will find the Revenge of the Mummy and for those with a sense of adventure, TWISTER… Ride It Out®. The fun continues in the Amity Backlot Street Set with Jaws®, Earthquake – – The Big One and Fear Factor Live®. Tired yet… we’ve got more: MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™, E.T.’s Adventure and The Simpon’s. With food and drinks, music and characters, there’s something for everyone.

PLEASE NOTE: Attendees must wear their badge in its badge holder for admittance. Guest tickets for adults and children may be purchased at Conference Registration. Lotusphere attendees will have a special arrival/departure area at Universal Studios, so you are encouraged to ride the shuttle bus provided for attendees. Security will be at the park to inspect all bags upon arrival. Lockers are not available, so you are discouraged from bringing backpacks.

Don’t forget the website is up and running for Lotusphere – User name for login and registration number is password…. all links below are to the LS09 Lotus Connections Profiles… Login first and then you can click on the links below to offer friendship to the ITS gang…

Can’t wait to see you all this year!!

The IBM Lotus Technical Team – LS09 Lotus Connections Profiles

Profile for Chris Cranfill
Profile for Carla Gillespie
Profile for Holli Konig
Profile for Erik Ostly
Profile for Bruce Prout
Profile for David Rosenfeld
Profile for Corey Simpson
Profile for Sidney Tao
Profile for Greg Violette

For those of you unable to attend, we understand and will wish you were here!! However, I will be sure to keep you posted on the Lotusphere Comes to You as soon as they are announced!


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