The Man who should have used Connections – Part 2

Email is like so last week…..

This is a great video… that went viral last week inside IBM and now is going viral oursite of IBM…. A must have!

IBM Lotus Connections: Planning and Implementing Social Software for Your Enterprise

I am so excited… I just pre-ordered my own copy…. this is a real treat to have this book published…. and all of the great mentors that invested their time on writing this book…  these are the ones to follow!

Great reading! Holli

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IBM Lotus Connections: Planning and Implementing Social Software for Your Enterprise (Paperback)
by Stephen Hardison (Author), David Brooks (Author), David Byrd (Author), Gary Wood (Author), Saurabh Calla (Author), Tim Speed (Author), Michael Martin (Author), Suzanne O. Minassian (Author)

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RE-blogging The Tale of a Smarter Planet

This is a wonderful youtube that was blogged by George Faulkner , who I might add has a great blog of information!!  This video was created by Chris Luongo of IBM, along with his collaborative partner Jane Harris.  It talks about the effects that technology can have on the planet, how we are able to bring ideas, technologies and resources from around the globe to help preserve our planet and foster a better environment for future generations.

Also don’t forget that you can go to for more excellent information on Building a Smarter Planet.

Liberate yourself and your budget from Microsoft’s grip!

IBM’s Project Liberate

Negotiate a better enterprise agreement

Ever wanted to be the big hero and save the company millions of dollars?  Well… I have a secret… we have seen drastic calculations regarding saving across the board for evaluating the Microsoft Enterprise Agreements, leveraging what you have in your organization, vs what Microsoft is bundling in their agreenments.   IBM offers a site that can help you understand how doing an evaluation of your environment could save you money.

Customers with Microsoft Enterprise Agreements might be able to save up to 40% or more on the cost of their renewal through this “no-charge” evaluation of their current Enterprise Agreement.

Click here for more information on IBM’s Project Liberate

If you are interested in setting up a conversation with one of our consultants, please feel free to contact me directly @ and I will assist in getting you to the right people for your organization.

Collaboration is King (or Queen)

Alan Lepofsky opens up an interesting topic in a blog posting of his regarding What makes a social media Guru stating “Is collaboration still part of this world, or is that an old word now? ” 

I say Social media, collaboration, marketing anything related to socializing a group does require a level of integration of the people you are integrating with.  This is a for mof collaboration.  It is no good to try to socialize something alone, and you need to be able to understand your targeted audience.

Rick Sanchez of CNN leverages Twitter into his talk show, allowing himself to not only get questions regarding his broadcast, but to get the tempature of the audience responses.  This is a clever way of using Social Media, in is interactive, it is investigative, it builds an instant community and it is collaborative.

I feel the same way about businesses jumping on the Virtual World band wagon too.  They come in, build a sexy, sharp looking build or island and then they walk away, saying there is no value.  They don’t do anything to foster community, to know their targeted audience, to add value. 

Collaboration, Social Marketing, Viral Marketing all of it is not possible without the people, the community, the sum of the whole.

02/23 – Understanding Lotus Connections – Profiles and Dogears

Carla Gillespie – Understanding Lotus Connections – Profiles and Dogears
Mon 02/23/2009 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Profiles helps you quickly find the people you need by searching across your organization using keywords to identify expertise, current projects, and responsibilities. You can find people based on things like the person’s name, their organization, location, reporting structure and interests. Profiles let you tap into the knowledge capital within your organization, and makes it easy to establish new business contacts. Profiles help you expand your personal network and Profiles help you develop and maintain personal relationships that span obstacles like reporting structure, department, geography, etc. Profiles typically include a person’s photo, reporting structure, name, pronunciation, the time zone the person works in, and information about the individual’s expertise and areas of interest.

Dogear is social bookmarking. Save, organize and share bookmarks; discover bookmarks that have been qualified by others with similar interests & expertise. Dogear gives people a better way to manage their own bookmarks as well as share, subscribe and search the community’s bookmarks. Dogear makes it easier than ever before to share information and accelerate innovation With Dogear, you can discover where people get their information. You go straight to information that a member of your community has already vetted and found appropriate and useful. You can discover information using search-and-pivot browsing: start by navigating by tags or links or people, and, when you find someone who looks interesting, pivot to go to their Profile or their bookmarks.

To Participate:

1. Go to the URL –
2. Click ‘Join a Meeting’ button in the top right corner of the page
3. Enter the Conference ID 4732452
4. Enter your name and email address
5. Click the ‘Log In’ button

877-422-0037 Participant passcode:399525

Don’t know who you don’t know…??

This is a great story on the relevance of “person suggestion engines” and the power of discovering who you don’t know you don’t know.   IBM started doing this in the early 2000’s with the Discovery Server.  The studies found that there were relationships that could be gathered from content,  trying to make a connection between “people, places and things”.  Now we have content being produced to the rate of Pedibytes a day.  To be able to do something with this data, to gather statistics on potential connections and relationships that can be relevant to our personal and business lives.   The value of finding connections based context can have a powerful influence and drive to getting to know the people to share, gather and collaborate with to help safe time, money, and duplicate efforts in an organization. Read thoughts on how IBM is helping to foster this concept.

When IBM Beats Facebook And Twitter: Discover Relevant People Within Your Network

Read Ed Brill’s “IBM Lotus announces availability of Notes 8.5 and Symphony 1.2.1 at Macworld Expo”

The wonderful and amazing Ed Brill has announced at the MAC World and on his blog the official release of the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 version. 

What a great time this is to have the announcement made in this venue with the official version release for the Mac OS X Leopard-powered computers!

If you do not have Ed in your feedreader by now, you really should have him listed…. he is a wealth of information and one of the oldest blogs I follow!

The Power of the Lotusphere community

There is a great blog setup to keep you informed of ppl going to Lotusphere as well as other information that you should keep track of… see “My Story” posted there…

I know that it is hard for so many of you to get to Lotusphere this year in light of the economic climate, but there are lots of places that you can wander to keep in the know!  also to feel the power of the community… you can also keep tabs on twitter from doing a search #ls09 that is the universal keyword we are all using for our LS tweets…

Have a good one!

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