Clabber Girl… do you remember?

Just a little humor!!  A customer reminded me of this after I told him the name of my blog… he said “Like Clabber Girl?? You are too young to know this.”  I think I love him for that!

Do you remember her??

I love her tag lines!!  I think I resemble that remark!

I have to say… in looking at the website… it is even more fitting, since this past holiday I have learned how to make bread, yes, bread.  This techie, has gotten back to such basics.  I love it… the mixing of the flour with all the ingredients, the rising of the dough is so satisfying…the beating of the dough to pound out all the air (great stress reliever – I am just saying!!)  My absolute favorite part though – is the simple satisfaction in watching the bread rise and brown in the oven, and my boy friends eyes when he eats it hot out of the oven with melted butter… there can be nothing more satisfying.

Well other than another happy customer on Lotus!

Happy Smiles!

RE-blogging The Tale of a Smarter Planet

This is a wonderful youtube that was blogged by George Faulkner , who I might add has a great blog of information!!  This video was created by Chris Luongo of IBM, along with his collaborative partner Jane Harris.  It talks about the effects that technology can have on the planet, how we are able to bring ideas, technologies and resources from around the globe to help preserve our planet and foster a better environment for future generations.

Also don’t forget that you can go to for more excellent information on Building a Smarter Planet.

Thinking Green? what does it mean? how does it apply?

Yesterday was Earth Day.  I was inspired by a blog posting on IBM’s developerWorks to think about what it means to be Green…. aaah as Kermit would say… it ain’t easy… or is it?  smiles..

When we think about Green in IT, we think of how we can reduce power, manage storage, we think of virtualization and cloud computing.  As I am going around the PNW teaching ND8.5 upgrade classes for our customers to help them understand the value of an upgrade to our newest Domino infrastructure, I hear many stories about customers struggle with space and desires to consolidate servers.  I talk to them about the introduction of DAOS. 

When I managed the messaging environment for Bayer Pharmacuticals in Berkeley California, I reviewed using Single copy object stores (SCO).  While this was a great introduction of a capability we leveraged in cc:Mail way back when, it still had points of failure due to the dependancies on single database management.  It left you exposed to having 100’s of users dependant on one database.  Databases can become corrupt, corruption leads to down time, which leads to 100’s of users DOWN!  While this framework offered a promise to reduce storage, it offered a higher cost on end user down time, which can equal to a lot of money lost.

The rate and pace of data growth is growing expodentially.  Companies need to review options that can offer shared resources without creating a risk to the organization and down time for end users.  DAOS offers a distributed capability to allow end users to maintain mail but offset the file attachments to a file system.  Once again reducing risk in that it will not be in a database format, but a flat file store.    This allows for less risk with the capabilities of reducing data re-duplication.

Resources for DAOS

Paul Mooney’s excellent presentation on DAOS from Lotusphere
Lotus Domino goes Greener
Dowload the DAOS Estimator Tool version 1.4
What is ND8.5 DAOS

Finding my skin!

God if this was Second Life, I could make Collaboration Girl recognizable to you.  Blonde hair, green eyes, Black clothes with a little bright blue or red or something to build contrast.  Anyone that knows me know that is the look.  I can’t seem to find a Theme in the blogs to make myself assimulate with the look of my blog… so don’t be shocked.. I will be changing till I feel it!

Keep coming back and see where I land!


Happy Birthday to Erik!!

One of very own was imortilized at the closing Session for Lotusphere 2009.   The poor man could not get from one end of the Dolphin to the other without being stopped and chatted with, photos taken, sung to, even the hotel staff was wishing him happy birthday!  Then later that night at Kimono’s the whole bar sang to him inbetween songs (yes I started it…could not let him get away without it!) at least 10 times with people pointing their arms at him and singing… Erik smiled so hard, I thought his head was going to split in half like the Southpark characters!

Lots of fun Erik…. one I hope you will never forget!



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