02/25 – IBM Mashup Center – Build a mashup application without coding

Sidney Tao – IBM Mashup Center – Build a mashup application without coding
Wed 02/25/2009 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Are you using Excel to build unmanageable spreadsheets that are not secure? Is your IT staff overwhelmed with business user requests for custom apps? Are you in the need for a platform that allows you to dynamically modify an application on-demand without IT involvement? This session will give you an overview of IBM Mashup Center and walk you through on how to create a situation mashed up application on-demand.

To Participate:

1. Go to the URL – http://www.webdialogs.com
2. Click ‘Join a Meeting’ button in the top right corner of the page
3. Enter the Conference ID 4732452
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877-422-0037 Participant passcode:399525

02/26 – Portal 6.1 and Web 2.0

Carl Prehn – Portal 6.1 and Web 2.0
Thu 02/26/2009 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Your world. Your way. With Version 6.1

WebSphere Portal Version 6.1 helps you deliver exceptional Web experiences, extend your business assets, run your business efficiently and grow as you go.

Learn more

Newly enhanced accelerators easily snap on to WebSphere Portal, helping customers reduce the costs of deploying content, and automating

To Participate:

1. Go to the URL – http://www.webdialogs.com
2. Click ‘Join a Meeting’ button in the top right corner of the page
3. Enter the Conference ID 4732452
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877-422-0037 Participant passcode:399525

Fri 02/27 – Forms 3.5 and Turbo “why do I care?”

Bruce Prout – Forms 3.5 and Turbo “why do I care?”
Fri 02/27/2009 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Come and learn what difficult business problems can be addressed by IBM’s unique capabilities with Lotus Forms 3.5.How do you handle data collection with consistency and integrity? Provide non-repudiation? Auditing and secure preservation of form and data contents? Would you like to accelerate the process of collecting and processing information, squeezing delays and cost out of your current approaches?

True Business Process Management integration, extreme UI simplification, and the ability to combine dynamic logic, prefill, embedded signature technology, attachments, and standards-compliant data mapping in a simple, lightweight XML package make Lotus Forms the strongest offering in the marketplace today.
And all this is delivered in the high performance, highly scalable manner you expect from IBM. Product demonstration will be part of this session.

To Participate:

1. Go to the URL – http://www.webdialogs.com
2. Click ‘Join a Meeting’ button in the top right corner of the page
3. Enter the Conference ID 4732452
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Don’t know who you don’t know…??

This is a great story on the relevance of “person suggestion engines” and the power of discovering who you don’t know you don’t know.   IBM started doing this in the early 2000’s with the Discovery Server.  The studies found that there were relationships that could be gathered from content,  trying to make a connection between “people, places and things”.  Now we have content being produced to the rate of Pedibytes a day.  To be able to do something with this data, to gather statistics on potential connections and relationships that can be relevant to our personal and business lives.   The value of finding connections based context can have a powerful influence and drive to getting to know the people to share, gather and collaborate with to help safe time, money, and duplicate efforts in an organization. Read thoughts on how IBM is helping to foster this concept.

When IBM Beats Facebook And Twitter: Discover Relevant People Within Your Network

Happy Birthday to Erik!!

One of very own was imortilized at the closing Session for Lotusphere 2009.   The poor man could not get from one end of the Dolphin to the other without being stopped and chatted with, photos taken, sung to, even the hotel staff was wishing him happy birthday!  Then later that night at Kimono’s the whole bar sang to him inbetween songs (yes I started it…could not let him get away without it!) at least 10 times with people pointing their arms at him and singing… Erik smiled so hard, I thought his head was going to split in half like the Southpark characters!

Lots of fun Erik…. one I hope you will never forget!



a few days in….

So I have been entrenched with learning, listening, talking, customers, co-workers and old friends. New technologies, old faithful technologies that continue to grow and expand our productivity and amazing discoveries. This being my 10th year at Lotusphere I am invigorated every time I attend. I am tired, happy and filled with excitement.

I have some great announcements coming up soon for the Pacific Northwest Lotus Community and plan to post in a few days on the details regarding events and education for you all…. Lotusphere will not stop here…. keep checking back!

One specific is that we will definitely have Lotusphere Comes to you in our territory, I have been told it will be sometime in April, the specific date to be announced…. but I promise… we have some great stuff coming up before then…. some that will be delivered from the local team, some that we will ask you… the community… to help drive… it is going to be a great year!


First day at Lotusphere…

Well I will tell you now that I am in IBM only sessions all day… specifically focused for the IBM technical specialists…  and I now the question on your mind is… What new announcements can Lotus bring to the table at Lotusphere this year… IBM has had so many great announcements prior to LS that it seems there can be no more to say….

Totally not true! of course I can’t tell you… but be sure to check into the LIVE Opening Session on Monday Jan 19th. 

Look for me… I will be there!


IBM Lotus Notes/Domino makes the news with BIG NUMBERS

With a fresh face, integrated collaboration and enterprise applications, multi platform including Apple client, federated calendaring, open security, RAD capabilities stronger than ever, open standards, social awareness, open documents, heavy focus on Green initative with virtualization and tight integration with the web and the desktop, who can blame people for choosing Lotus Notes and Domino for their Collaborative Desktop… see the article below from CNN Money…


CNN Money “Global Businesses Choosing Lotus Software”


Hands on Tutorials and Trial Softwares for Self Education

Did you know that IBM offers resources for Self Education?  These tutorials offer you walk thru lab exercises that step you thru creation and understanding of the topic.  Links are available to download trial software if you are not currently using the required software for the exercises. 

Most of these are targeted to Developers.  But my moto is “Administrators must know something about developement and Develepors must know about Administration…” so Admins don’t be afraid to try these out…. there is huge value in explanding your knowledge to understanding how the applications work.

Here is the latest posted lab

XPages, Themes, and Mashups in IBM Lotus Domino Web application development

For more information see the Technical Library for Lotus…. but you should also know that there are tons of tutorials for all of the IBM Software brands…. so interested in Tivoli Monitoring for transaction Performance… it is there!

Happy Learning …Holli

Visual Studio Tools for Office integration with Lotus Domino Web Services

Don’t miss our next Virtual User Group meeting with a presentation by PSC:
The Real World of Integration:
How Lotus Notes & Domino can work with Microsoft Office, Lotus Symphony and the power of Integra for Notes

Pre-registraion required!

Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Time: Noon ET/9:00 am PT
Duration: 60 minutes (including Q&A)

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Welcome to the real world, where Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino are just part of your corporate toolset. This live, online presentation will introduce you to some unique and time saving techniques for the integration of Lotus Notes and Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET technologies, and Lotus Symphony. No matter what version of Notes you’re running (even 8.5) all the way back to 6.5, you’ll come away with a solid plan for Mail Merge, exporting to a spreadsheet, charting, presentation building, and integration on the Web.

You’ll learn some advanced topics such as Visual Studio Tools for Office integration with Lotus Domino Web Services. Plus, we’ll show you live demos on how to use Notes & Domino 8.5 to improve your integration options. Finally. we will touch on how the Integra for Notes reporting and integration framework can reduce your cost to provide your users with the reports they need to get their jobs done.

Don’t miss this informative and instructional presentation by leading Lotus guru John Head and long time expert Alex Kassabov.

The presentation is free for LotusUserGroup.org members, but requires pre-registration.
This Virtual User Group Meeting is brought to you by PSC, and is hosted by LotusUserGroup.org.

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