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I am a Social Collaboration Cheerleader, a Collaboration Girl… I am specifically focus on the human interactions with technologies.  I believe that we are very emotional about our interface, and our connectivity with the ones and zeros.  I love how we are inter-dependent with  each other and how technology can help foster that connectivity, assisting in helping us break down the barriers of …. (let your imagination run wild).

I love blogging. tweeting and doing whatever I can to get the information out there…. to help people know where to go, how to get educated, have access to information and to make sure that they are empowered to do their job.   I love listening to others because there is always something that I don’t know, always something new that I can learn, and there are so many smart people out there that can be leveraged to teach me!  Knowledge is power!

I am the Messaging and Collaboration Leader for the West Region.  I began my career at IBM in 2000 as a Knowledge Management Specialist, a Technical specialist, a Social Collaboration Evangelist, and for my time in many roles I have covered most of the accounts in the Pacific territory. Before coming to IBM, I was a Director of Consulting Services for BayWeb Consulting, a  Senior Messaging and Application Administrator for Bayer Pharmaceutical and a Network Engineer and Developer for Ceridian Employee Services.  I have coded applications, built server rooms, designed and managed messaging environments and server infrastructures.  I have trained end users and technical specialists alike.  I managed the Pacific Northwest Lotus Users Group (SF Bay Area) from 1998 to 2010.

I have been working with the Lotus Software products since 1993. At IBM I have had the pleasure of working with customer to understand their collaborative needs for the enterprise and to learn as much as I have been able to offer.

Little facts about me: I love to sing, in the car, the shower, on stage, in my livingroom.   I will sing you jazz, romantic pop, standards, blues and rock.  Well really anything you ask me to… every heard of Scary-O-Ke?

I have been organizing the Lotus Users Group for the Pacific Northwest territory.  Before and during my career @ IBM, well over 10 years, gosh really almost 12 years… long time… it started with me showing up late on the conference call for the new facilitator and I was late because of a fire drill and well… the rest is history… lol… I love it… have done my best to keep it strong.  Now it has gone virtual and really anyone can join… if you are interested, just let me know and I will add you to my ever growing list.

Be informed, stay happy and most of all, be loved!


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