EVENT: Webcast on Virtualization – February 18, 2010

Lotus Greenhouse Webcast

Running Lotus Products in Your Own Cloud
The webcast will cover how to implement your own virtualization cloud to run IBM Lotus products on a VMware ESX cluster, with particular attention to best practices, practical implementation, running virtual and physical servers in the same cluster, challenges and solutions, rapid deployment from staging to production with minimal to no downtime.

February 18, 2010
11:00 AM Eastern

(See attached file: LGHWebcastinvite.ics)

Dial-in Information

USA Toll Free – 888-955-8940
Toll – 1-212-547-0420

Lotus Greenhouse
International Numbers attached

(See attached file: InternationalNumbers.txt)

Unyte Web Conference Information
1. Go to the URL – http://www. lotuslive.com/join?schedid=3336625
2. Enter your name and email address
3. Click the ‘Log In’ button

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