Clabber Girl… do you remember?

Just a little humor!!  A customer reminded me of this after I told him the name of my blog… he said “Like Clabber Girl?? You are too young to know this.”  I think I love him for that!

Do you remember her??

I love her tag lines!!  I think I resemble that remark!

I have to say… in looking at the website… it is even more fitting, since this past holiday I have learned how to make bread, yes, bread.  This techie, has gotten back to such basics.  I love it… the mixing of the flour with all the ingredients, the rising of the dough is so satisfying…the beating of the dough to pound out all the air (great stress reliever – I am just saying!!)  My absolute favorite part though – is the simple satisfaction in watching the bread rise and brown in the oven, and my boy friends eyes when he eats it hot out of the oven with melted butter… there can be nothing more satisfying.

Well other than another happy customer on Lotus!

Happy Smiles!

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