Happy Holidays from CollaborationGirl!

Happy Holidays!

In the days ahead, we all share a commonality of holiday celebration
We show it and express it in many way
it may be the birth of a great man or the passing of a season,
it could be the fall of understanding and the rise of hope,
the strengthening of family and community.

In the passing of another year, and the promise of the new
may all your hope and wishes come true
remember the the hard of the past, and learn to let it go
take the great from the year before and pass it forward
listen to those who have already been there, and mentor those who need to know
always remember to hold the ones dear, close to you
and relish in their love for you.

Regardless of the holiday that we honor,
it is a time to take pause, in our busy lives
to take a look at the world around us,
and rejoice in all that is pure of home and family

I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.
May Peace and many blessings flourish with the abundance of love during your
celebrations and throughout the New Year!

To all of you, be safe, be happy and most of all…. say “I love you” often if you mean it!  You never know what is next.

Holli – Collaboration Girl

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