President Obama honors IBM’s Blue Gene with National Medal of Technology and Innovation

Awarded by the President of the United States for either of the following:

  1. Promotion of Technology. The impact of the contribution on the economy, environment or social well-being of the U.S. judged by:
    • Demonstrated, successful accomplishment. The contribution results in a competitive advantage in domestic and/or foreign markets, provides economically feasible environmental protection, or improves health care or safety.
    • Technological merit.
    • Role of nominee. Considerations include risk-taking, vision, persistence, management skills, and entrepreneurial or organizational skills.
  2. Promotion of Technological Manpower. Contributions to the promotion of technological manpower are weighed on the basis of:
    • Improvements in the resulting quality of technological manpower.
    • Alleviation of manpower shortages.
    • Motivation and improved performance of available manpower.

All of IBM’s key business lines – hardware, software and services, and the researchers who conceived and invented Blue Gene – along with IBMers everywhere, can share in this honor and recognition.  

– Sam Palmisano


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