02/23 – Understanding Lotus Connections – Profiles and Dogears

Carla Gillespie – Understanding Lotus Connections – Profiles and Dogears
Mon 02/23/2009 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Profiles helps you quickly find the people you need by searching across your organization using keywords to identify expertise, current projects, and responsibilities. You can find people based on things like the person’s name, their organization, location, reporting structure and interests. Profiles let you tap into the knowledge capital within your organization, and makes it easy to establish new business contacts. Profiles help you expand your personal network and Profiles help you develop and maintain personal relationships that span obstacles like reporting structure, department, geography, etc. Profiles typically include a person’s photo, reporting structure, name, pronunciation, the time zone the person works in, and information about the individual’s expertise and areas of interest.

Dogear is social bookmarking. Save, organize and share bookmarks; discover bookmarks that have been qualified by others with similar interests & expertise. Dogear gives people a better way to manage their own bookmarks as well as share, subscribe and search the community’s bookmarks. Dogear makes it easier than ever before to share information and accelerate innovation With Dogear, you can discover where people get their information. You go straight to information that a member of your community has already vetted and found appropriate and useful. You can discover information using search-and-pivot browsing: start by navigating by tags or links or people, and, when you find someone who looks interesting, pivot to go to their Profile or their bookmarks.

To Participate:

1. Go to the URL – http://www.webdialogs.com
2. Click ‘Join a Meeting’ button in the top right corner of the page
3. Enter the Conference ID 4732452
4. Enter your name and email address
5. Click the ‘Log In’ button

877-422-0037 Participant passcode:399525

3 thoughts on “02/23 – Understanding Lotus Connections – Profiles and Dogears”

  1. Yea Luis! Well… maybe it is the new name… don’t ask me how the domain name was not taken yet, but it fits me… stoked!

  2. very interested in this session, but unable to attend. anyway, I can view the session later??

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