a few days in….

So I have been entrenched with learning, listening, talking, customers, co-workers and old friends. New technologies, old faithful technologies that continue to grow and expand our productivity and amazing discoveries. This being my 10th year at Lotusphere I am invigorated every time I attend. I am tired, happy and filled with excitement.

I have some great announcements coming up soon for the Pacific Northwest Lotus Community and plan to post in a few days on the details regarding events and education for you all…. Lotusphere will not stop here…. keep checking back!

One specific is that we will definitely have Lotusphere Comes to you in our territory, I have been told it will be sometime in April, the specific date to be announced…. but I promise… we have some great stuff coming up before then…. some that will be delivered from the local team, some that we will ask you… the community… to help drive… it is going to be a great year!


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